About us

I have a million dreams

mohd fadzil hashim
group CEO raudhah city

  • I am a dreamer.
  • I dream of a world where there is only peace & love
  • I dream of an economic system that is fair and free from Riba'
  • I dream of a city where everyone is healthy and happy
  • I dream of a community steadfast in its pursuit to success in both worlds
  • I dream of a home filled with multi generational love
  • I dream of grandparents who are still living life to the fullest
  • I dream of a school that provides the right education to prepare the next generation of world leaders
  • I dream of teachers who are dedicated to this noble profession
  • I dream of parents who wants to the best example for their children
  • I dream of a child that will change this world
  • I dream that many of us have the same dreams
  • A million dreamers is all we need.
  • Together we can create a better world!

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