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About Raudhah City

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  • Our vision is to change the world, with the right education.
  • As parents we wanted to offer the best opportunity for our children to succeed in both worlds.
  • Early education represents the best development period to nurture not only important shared values but also character building years for our next generation.
  • Setting up a premier international islamic montessori school is a first step to provide the right education. The next step is to build a shari’ah friendly, safe, smart and sustainable city which will enable our children as the next generation of world leaders to harness the community economic power to grow and thrive as an influential change agent to the world.


  • A pioneering blue ocean strategy for real estate development. Typical Education Hub focuses on Tertiary Education Institutions. We are the pioneer company that specializes as real estate developer of Early Education Hubs.
  • Brainy Bunch Education Group is our strategic development partner. Their primary focus is on early education and family community development as the catalyst development component.
  • Early education begins at age 2 till 18 years. 16 years of education provides a good basis for a family to reside within the desired early education hub. To-date we have a strong community of >6,000 middle to upper class families nationwide.
  • And our current focus is to develop 2 Early Education Hubs – in Selangor Cyber Valley and in Gombak to cater to the need of our fast growing family community.