Building a family oriented and knowledge-based community is our main emphasis in Raudhah City. Residents are people who share our vision for success in both worlds.

The city’s epicenter is the Islamic Center – it plays an important role as our community’s spiritual learning and development center. The Islamic Center will be equipped with Lecture halls, City’s Library and Computer Center to become the center of Islamic knowledge for our lifelong learning community with a variety of activities to guide our souls, soften our hearts and enlighten our minds towards achieving Jannah.

To live in our resort styled residential villages is an attraction by itself. Armed with an ambitious but realistic marketing program to attract 2,000 Brainy Bunch parents and eco-partners to live, learn, work and play in this dream city. We offer housing options that meet the existing budget and future needs of residents from all walks of life. We will cater to a mixed residential development of affordable apartments, multigenerational super link homes, semi-detached, bungalows and grand villas.

We also provide commercial land/buildings for our residents and eco-partners. This will enable a low carbon footprint option for our residents to live and work in the same city. Amongst others – the City will have a commercial district that caters for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping mall, restaurants, an Islamic theme park and many others.

As a city that emphasize on lifelong learning and family community development, we would like to showcase the practice of Islam as way of life in the 15th century hijriah/21st century AD – the city is now aptly dubbed the City of Peace and Love.